Brow Pigments – Everything You Need To Know

Brow Pigments - Everything You Need To Know

What is the best way to add color to your brows? Brow pigments can range in color and intensity. We will look at BioTouch Dark Brown and Tina Davies pigments. But how do you choose the best one? Here is useful information. After reading this article, you will be well on your way to making the best brows! Hopefully, this article has been helpful to you.


When it comes to microshading with brow pigments, there are a few things to be aware of. Inadequately trained practitioners can cause severe infections. In addition, microshading with brow pigments may result in the shedding of small cuts and scabs. While most microshading technicians follow standard hygiene procedures, some are more prone to infection than others.

The price of microshading varies greatly depending on where you go and the level of experience of the artist performing the procedure. The average price is between $400 and $1500, but it can vary significantly. You’ll have to decide whether you’d like to spend more or less. Microshading is also a great option if your eyebrows are sparse or uneven. The process also helps recreate brow hair loss.


When it comes to brow pigments, you should choose one made with Iron oxide from BioTouch. These pigments are considered safe for cosmetic use because of their composition of particles within each drop. This allows them to penetrate the skin more effectively and provide truer color. Additionally, they are different in texture and do not dry out as most pigments do. So, you can feel confident that your brows will be beautiful for hours.

Tina Davies X Permablend:

Permeable Pigments are designed for PMU and microblading artists. Designed with safety in mind, they are sterilized with gamma radiation for safety. Medium Brown Pigment is mid-value and has an orange base. This shade is perfect for clients looking for a soft look. Medium Brown Pigment also works well on clients who want to make their eyebrows look natural.

BioTouch Dark Brown:

BioTouch’s pigments contain Iron Oxides, which are well-known to be safe for use as colorants and micropigmentation agents. Because of their unique formulation, BioTouch pigments have more particles per drop, making them easier to absorb into the skin. This results in less fading over time, and they also have a different texture than most. Furthermore, BioTouch pigments do not dry out as many other brands do.