The Many Uses Of Textured Glass

The Many Uses Of Textured Glass

The many uses of textured glass can vary greatly depending on the application. From cathedrals to city office spaces, it is an ideal choice for a range of interiors, from retro to industrial. Kiln-cast glass is also known as textured glass. The process of creating this type of glass involves laying sheet glass over a mold, which is then fired at super-high temperatures. Once the glass has melted into the mold, it is then formed into a pattern on one side and smooth on the other.

It can be used as a privacy screen:

This elegant privacy screen features artistically textured glass panels with diffused LED lighting. It is framed in brushed brass metal and supported by fluted brass pillars. Textured glass panels add both privacy and drama. Whether you prefer clear or patterned glass, this screen will do the trick. It can also serve as a room divider.

It reduces energy costs:

In recent years, the issue of energy efficiency has become a pressing issue for many. While better insulation and renewable energy sources are desirable, energy efficiency is also a growing concern. Switchable smart glass is a solution that meets both of these needs while meeting modern architectural trends. Since windows are a primary source of heat transfer from outside, switching to a greener glass type can significantly reduce energy costs. A recent study has demonstrated that switching from the most expensive fuel, electricity, to a more efficient option can result in energy savings of up to 50 percent.

It adds a contemporary look and feels to a space:

Whether your design style is modern, classical or anything in between, textured glass can help you achieve the desired outcome. This type of glass works well in bathrooms and along shared property lines. It can also add a sense of drama and character to a space. The benefits of textured glass are many, and they’re inexpensive too.

It is popular with collectors:

Whether you’re shopping for a modern, contemporary, or even antique piece, textured glass panels will add an interesting texture to your home. Many collectors seek these panels for their interiors. They are sought after on the antique and design websites 1stDibs, where a well-made one can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars.